Authentication solutions EMV 3DS for Issuers

Increase your users' trust by offering safer online transactions by controlling frictionless and frictionless flows. With EMV 3DS, you'll be one step ahead in fraud protection and meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Promote your brand as a trusted issuer and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Discover how EMV 3DS can take you as an issuer to the next level!

3DS Protocol for Issuing Entities


Benefits of frictionless integration

Features of our platform

Dashboard para administrar las reglas de seguridad de tu entidad

Manage the authentication rules engine.

Register the Bines participating in the protocol.

Analyze authentication statistics and log disputes

Consult the authentications carried out in real time

Authentication experiences designed to reduce friction

Consumer Authentication Services

We provide fraud monitoring and prevention tools and protocols, so that our clients can offer a better experience to cardholders, increasing payment security without generating friction for their clients.


Risk Based Authentication, customizable rules engine, which manages business rules configured by the issuer.

3DS RBA authentication

Push Notification

Notifications to the client's mobile phone, where an action for authentication is requested

3DS Push Notification

Decoupled authentications

The issuer is responsible for authenticating a transaction

3DS Decoupled Authentications


Unique, time-limited key sent via text message or email to validate transactions.

3DS OTP authentication

A strategic decision for the security of online sales

Why choose us?

Given the evolution of electronic commerce and the rise of new technologies, as well as new forms of fraud, at Evertec we reaffirm our commitment to being “the technology of the possible.”

User Experience for 3DS Authentications

Improve the shopping experience for your users

Optimized payment flows for a frictionless shopping experience

Lower decline rates with better safety

Reduce rate of decline

by false positives, by not depending on external fraud control systems.

Optimized operational management thanks to 3DS Placetopay protocol

You will reduce Operational Management

fraud control and monitoring with our administrative console.

High conversion rates for higher revenues

You will increase the Conversion rate

Generating greater income

2FA authentication processes

You will provide security to your cardholders

If they try to be impersonated or generate alerts, they will go through a 2FA authentication process