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We are the payment processor with global standards, with regional focus and skill. We collaborate with the growth of our business partners, increasing their efficiency, security and profitability.

With presence in 9 countries in the region











Payment solutions for Latin America with PlacetoPay

+17 Thousand

Integrated Shops

+21 Millions

Of users who have transacted through our payment solutions

Integrated and Complementary Solutions

Our payment solutions enable payment channels and means to sell and collect securely.

Payment Solutions

Agile and secure payment solutions for all types of industry, in multiple channels, even without having a website.

Payment solutions for Latin America with PlacetoPay

Security Services

We reduce the risk of fraud, impersonation and money laundering with multiple options focused on your security

Security services for payments in Latin America with PlacetoPay

Analysis of data

Through our analysis tools we make it easier for you to make strategic decisions quickly and informed.

Analysis services for payments in Latin America with PlacetoPay

Payment, security and analysis solutions by country

Some of our features, products or services are not yet available for all countries. That is why we have created this list of specifications that you can consult orcontact usif you have any question



  • Mixed Payments (Checkout)
  • Recurring payments
  • One click payment
  • Discounts by means of payment
  • Dispersal of Funds
  • Generation of reconciliation reports
  • Massive charges
  • Brand Tokenization

Transaction Types

  • Authorization
  • Consultation
  • Annulment
  • Reverses

Types of Integration

  • Woocommerce
  • Vtex (Rest - Checkout)
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Jumpseller

Connection Types

  • Web
  • API
  • Microsites
  • Payment Link
  • IVR
  • Wallet App

Payment methods

  • Click to Pay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Exprerss
  • Diners
  • PSE
  • Bancolombia
  • Privada Somos
  • Codensa
  • Mefía
  • Comfandi
  • Efectivo
  • Efecty
  • Su Red
  • Davivienda
  • Grupo Aval
  • Billetera Compensar
  • Billetera Cafam
  • Paypal


3DS Acquirers

  • Allows the merchant/acquirer to route authentication from the 3DS Server/MPI to the Directory Server, receive the response and forward it to the PSP to facilitate the merchants' change of responsibility and reduce fraud risk exposure

3DS Issuers

  • Allows the issuer to receive the authentication request from the Directory Server, perform the risk analysis and decide according to the configuration of the decision engine, whether the transaction should be authenticated


  • Allows the merchant/acquirer to perform online analysis to identify the risk of the transaction, before sending it to the payment processor


  • The enrollment or identity validation system that allows confirming the identity of a person from a set of public and private data



  • Turn your data into actionable strategies or ideas to make better decisions. You will be able to discover valuable information that will give greater value to your business

Be Data

  • Our scheduled reports will allow you to quickly see your approval, decline and failure rates. In addition to other data relevant to your business

Predictive Models

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A product designed for your business

According to the current needs of your business, we offer you any of these tools so that you can start receiving your payments online

placetopay integration by API


We already have a website and we need to charge online

Your engineers are in charge of connecting your website with each of the payment methods that you want to activate

I want to know more

Solutions for each Industry

Pasarela de pagos para aseguradoras


We work with large insurers in the sector, offering them flexible and scalable options designed for the sector.

Pasarela de pagos para ecommerce o comercio electrónico


We adapt to the technology you use in your ecommerce to offer you the best payment solution that your business needs

Aliados de pagos en agencias de viaje

Travels and tourism

Our shopping experience is designed to reduce the friction generated when paying online

Soluciones de pago para empresas pequeñas o grandes


We respond to the demand of the business environment, providing businesses with an online payment solution

Pagos para el sector de educación


We optimize and streamline online transactions in the education sector, guaranteeing operational efficiency and purchasing experience

Pasarela de pagos para el sector inmobiliario

Real estate

Your clients will be able to pay online without standing in long lines at banks, or take advantage of their free time to pay their responsibilities.

Soluciones de pago para medios de comunicación


Our payment gateway acts as a technological bridge between the company and its clients, allowing transactions to be carried out safely.

Pago para donaciones


In addition to facilitating the transaction, our payment gateway helps strengthen the financial security of your company