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Whether you sell products or services, our payment gateway is a flexible and scalable option that adapts to your business needs.

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users have paid through our payment solutions.

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Why choose us?

We are the payment processor with global standards, regional focus and expertise.

We collaborate with the growth of our business partners, increasing their efficiency, safety and profitability.

Multiple payment methods

Different payment methods in one place, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cash and many more.

Payment methods Cash, debit and credit cards and many more


Branding is important for customers to feel comfortable and secure while they are paying

Checkout designed and customizable according to your brand


We have several security services that mitigate the frictions generated when paying, both for companies and users.

The highest safety standards in the industry

Regional growth

We are in more than 10 countries with payment solutions, security modules and data analysis

PlacetoPay is present in 10 Latin American countries

We are a product

Evertec the technology of the possible

Leading technology and electronic transactions company, with services in three main segments: merchant acquiring, payment processing and business solutions.

We own and operate the largest debit network in the Caribbean.

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Adapted to business needs

Business Models

With our Aggregator and Gateway models you will find the rates your company or business is looking for to implement cutting-edge solutions.


Focus on your business

It delegates the vast majority of responsibilities to us.

  • Sells through the gateway code.
  • Reduces the diligences before networks and banking entities.
  • Facilitates bank reconciliation processes.

In this model we have rates that start at 2.9%* + $700 (minimum $2,300 COP) on the value of your sale, it may increase a little depending on the specifications of your business.

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Reduces costs

If your company has a financial history, you already receive credit cards in the physical world and you meet security requirements, you will obtain:

  • Reduction of commission costs.
  • Negociar directamente con tu banco la tasa de adquiriencia.
  • Negotiate directly with your bank the acquisition rate.

With Placetopay in the Gateway Model you can find rates that fit your needs, transactional packages that vary according to the number of transactions processed and can start from $250 plus VAT.

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