Checkout Wallet

One-click payments

Simplified, agile and more secure payment experiences!

Checkout Wallet allows your customers to pay with the push of a button, using the payment method they saved from a previous purchase

Checkout PlacetoPay Digital Wallet

Protected Transactions

With built-in authentication, transaction encryption and fraud protection

A platform to manage payment data

When your customers save their payment details in our Digital Wallet have access to:

Editar o eliminar medios de pago guardados

Edit or delete payment methods

They will be able to manage payment information securely and always available to modify

Consultar el historial de transacciones

View transaction history

Verify data such as amount, transaction status, transaction date and more

Administrar los dispositivos conectados

Manage devices

Your client will be able to consult in detail from which devices transactions have been made and log out of the one they consider


Why use Checkout Wallet?

Digital Wallet to reduce friction when paying

Reduce abandonment rate and increase conversions

Fast and easy payments thanks to a fluid purchasing experience, reducing the number of steps to complete a purchase and saving time by not repeatedly entering payment method data

Mitigate fraud and false rejections

Mitigate fraud and false rejections

Allows the user to be recognized when making the payment, thanks to the two-factor authentication system

Simplified payments for your clients

Build customer loyalty. Don't be left behind!

Every day there are more users who choose Wallets as an alternative payment method, driven by the desire for faster, safer and more convenient transactions.

Simplified payments for your clients

Simplify the payment experience without sacrificing security

We protect sensitive data by replacing it with non-sensitive equivalents, known as tokens. Thus avoiding data theft in transactions.