Receive your payments through IVR

Offer your customers the possibility to pay through their cell phone. Our automated telephone system ensures the secure capture of sensitive data, such as credit card information.

Receive your payments through IVR with Placetopay
Optimize your telephone agents

Optimize your telephone agents

Get the most out of your databases

Take advantage of the databases you have

Shopping experience thinking about your customer

Improve the shopping experience

Step-by-step payment process

How does it work?


Contact your customer


Sell your product or service and initiate payment process


Login to the PlacetoPay IVR panel


Generate transaction


Your customer enters the card information into the IVR robot.


Receive payment confirmation

Implement a robust and user-friendly IVR

Our platform allows your advisors to visually monitor the step in which your client is, in this way the advisor will be able to guide your client and in case of failure, know in which step it was

Placetopay IVR Platform

Security when entering your banking details over the phone

PCI-DSS certificates

PlacetoPay is certified in the international PCI DSS security standard as a Level 1 Service Provider, the highest standard in security for credit card transactions worldwide.