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Enable your payment link and share it with your clients to receive transactions instantly.

To receive payments for everything you need with a single link

Your Personalized Payment Link

Your payment link without the need for complex implementations

Make it happen without touching a single line of code!

Start using paid links. No programming knowledge required.

Multiply your opportunities and income

Our gateway allows you to generate multiple payment links for different products, clients or channels.

Payment link personalized to your brand and your payment needs

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Build trust with your customers by adding your brand to your payment links. From color to logo, you can customize your payments.

Your payment link with your logo and brand colors

Receive confirmation instantly

Get immediate alerts for each transaction, through the communication channel you choose

Immediate payment alerts, for your client and for you

Customize your payments

Rename your payment link as an extension of your brand. With custom URL links, your customers will recognize your brand from the first glance.

Your brand name in the payment link

How does it work?

Receive payments online Without integrations and without code

Generación de links de pago personalizados

Generate your link

Contact us to get started using Placetopay. If you are already a client, ask your advisor to enable your open payment link. You can choose the url you want, customize the logo and colors that suit your brand.

Compartir links de pago a través de redes sociales

Share with your clients

Save your payment link so you can share it on social networks or send it via chat to your clients. Simply with the link, your users will complete the payment process.

Confirmación al instante del pago de tus clientes

Receive Payments

When the user completes the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also verify the payment in our administration panel