Monthly Transactional Summary

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You will be able to quickly check your approval, decline and failure rate, as well as the reasons for failure. And create improvement strategies based on the transactional behavior of your business and the industry.

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Monthly Transactional Report

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Analysis of Transactional Movements

What data does our report include?

Approval rate of your e-commerce

Pass Rate

By regularly measuring your business's approval rate, you can validate the impact of the decisions you make regarding the security of your users' transactions and shopping experience.

Total transactions vs decline rate

Total Transactions vs Failure and Decline Rates

For all companies, the goal is for customers to complete their purchase successfully on the first try and not have to worry about their payment. When authentication rates are low, more consumers will see their transactions decrease.

Number of users on monthly average

Number of users

Understanding customer churn is essential to evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the overall satisfaction of your customers. It's also easier and cheaper to keep existing customers rather than acquiring new ones.

Average ticket

Average ticket

Make strategic decisions based on the segmentation of your clients' spending. You will be able to set prices, design sales and marketing strategies to increase your profitability

Behavior Analysis of your Users

Shopping Hours Map

Table of days and hours of high and/or low transactional activity of your clients, to identify days and times in which you can create strategies such as offers

Heat map with your users' purchasing times

Causes of Decline

Be aware of the reasons for the decline in your business transactions. And make adjustments based on the behavior of your users

Causes of decline

Most used payment methods

Create alliances with the payment methods that your users use the most. This way you will attract new customers and retain current ones.

Most used payment methods
Payment methods Visa
Payment methods Mastercard
Payment methods Amex
Payment methods Diners
Payment methods Bancolombia
Payment methods PSE

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You will obtain greater efficiency in response times, by reducing the operational burden involved in manually verifying each transaction.