Pre-designed and optimized payment page to increase the conversion rate of your busines

Learn about some of the benefits that make our product the payment solution you need

Fast and secure shopping experience

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We reduce the frictions generated when paying

A more user-friendly interface

Checkout for e-commerce

Features designed for a better experience

Intelligent payment functions

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Mixed Payments

Your users will be able to pay the total amount of their account with two or more payment methods that you make available to them

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Recurring Payments

Program the periodic collection of monthly payments or subscriptions through our automatic debit.

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Your user will make the payment or subscription process and Checkout will collect all the required data.

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You will be able to ask our commercial agents to configure discounts by means of payment, on specific dates, maximum amounts and much more.

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Dispersion of Funds

Allows you to split the resources of a transaction to your bank account and to the airline.

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Your business style

Customization to your needs

Customize the colors and branding of your Checkout to match the look and feel of your website and help drive sales conversion with the confidence of your brand.

We save the payment methods

Checkout Wallet

Your users can securely store their bank details and personal data in the PlacetoPay virtual wallet to speed up their purchase process.

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We save payment information for faster future purchases

Regional solution

A product designed for Latin America

Different payment methods

Credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash and many more.

Payment methods Cash, debit and credit cards and many others

Multiple currencies

There are already 10 countries in the region that use PlacetoPay as a payment solution.

PlacetoPay is present in 9 Latin American countries