Placetopay - Payment Gateway for Jumpseller

Offer global and local payment methods, compatible with your language, and get them up and running in minutes.

Jumpseller Documentation for Placetopay

Accepts Placetopay and Jumpseller payments

In this guide, the installation of the Placetopay plugin for Jumpseller will be explained step by step.

Each configuration parameter described in this guide will be performed in a test environment in order to illustrate its configuration in detail.

  1. To use Placetopay, you must have an active account.

    • If you don’t have one yet, contact us
    • For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.
  2. To perform the respective configurations you must have an account already created in JumpSeller.

  3. Login to your JumpSeller account.

Iniciar sesión Jumpseller
  1. Once you have logged into the platform, look in the left side menu for the section “Setting”. Within this section, you will find the option to “Purchasing process”. Click on it to display the options and select the option of “Payments”.
Seleccionar catálogo de módulos
  1. In this section, we will locate a selection field and an “Add method” button. Click on the selection field to see the options it contains.
Agregar módulo
  1. Several payment method options will be displayed, and among them we must select the following option “External payment gateway”.
Seleccionar pasarela de pago externa
  1. Once this option is selected, click on the add method button.
Buscar configurar plugin
  1. A form will appear which will be filled in as follows with the data sent to you in the mail:

    a. Name: You must enter the word Placetopay

    b. Url Payment method: The url where Endpoint appears in the mail

    c. Payment method key: The code where Login appears in the email

    d. Secret key to payment method: The code where SecretKey appears in the email

Datos al correo
  1. Once you have filled out the form correctly, save the changes and verify in the payment section if the payment method has been added correctly.
Guardar plugin

Order statuses in Jumpseller

In Jumpseller we can have different states for an order. Below are the possible states of the order with the plugin:

Pending payment: is waiting for payment to be made. It automatically goes to Completed or Processing status depending on the case.

Completed: the payment has been successfully completed.

Processing: transaction review process for both single payment (cash and transfer) and payment with authorization.

Refunded: performs the refund and updates the store’s stock with the returned products.

Failed: the transaction could not be completed either due to insufficient funds or erroneous data.

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