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Magento Documentation for Placetopay

Accepts Placetopay and Magento payments

In this guide, the installation of the Placetopay plugin for Prestashop will be explained step by step.

Each configuration parameter described in this guide will be performed in a test environment in order to illustrate its configuration in detail.

  1. To use Placetopay, you must have an active account.

    • If you don’t have one yet, contact us
    • For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.
  2. To perform the respective configurations you must have the Magento store installed correctly.

  3. To get started, log in to your Magento account.

Iniciar sesión Magento
  1. Login to your console and install the plugin with the following commands.
Comandos Magento
  1. Once you have successfully installed the plugin in your console, go back to the browser where you have your Magento account open. In the left side menu, look for the ‘Stores’ option. When you click on it, additional options will be displayed, among which we will select ‘Settings’.
Busca la opción de Stores
  1. Within the ‘Settings’ section, look for the dropdown menu called ‘General’ in the side options panel.
Comandos Magento
  1. Once inside the ‘General’ section, we will look for the ‘Default country’ option and click on it to select the corresponding country for the store.
Comandos Magento
  1. We return to the ‘Settings’ section, look for the drop-down menu called ‘Sales’ in the side panel of options. When you open it, you will find the ‘Payment Methods’ option.
Busca la opción de Sales
  1. If the installation in the console was successful, the Placetopay plugin should appear in the ‘Payment Methods’ view. Next to the plugin, we will see a button saying ‘Configure’, which we will click on
metodos de pagos PlacetoPay
  1. Once inside the plugin configuration, look for the ‘Connection Settings’ option and click on it to display its information.
Buscar Connection Settings
  1. When we deploy this option we will find several options to configure our plugin, among them the ones we are interested in are:

    a. I am integrated with: Select the integration ‘PlacetoPay‘

    b. Mode: Select the ‘Production’ option.

    c. Production Login: Enter the data that has been sent to you by e-mail.

    d. Production TranKey: Enter the data that has been sent to you by e-mail.

Configurar integración

The rest of the configuration is customizable and will depend exclusively on the specific needs of your business.

Order statuses in Magento

In Magento we can have different states for an order. Below are the possible states of the order with the plugin:

Pending payment: is waiting for payment to be made. It automatically goes to Completed or Processing status depending on the case.

Completed: the payment has been successfully completed.

Processing: transaction review process for both single payment (cash and transfer) and payment with authorization.

Refunded: performs the refund and updates the store’s stock with the returned products.

Failed: the transaction could not be completed either due to insufficient funds or erroneous data.

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