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Shopify Documentation for Placetopay

Shopify Installation Guide

This guide will explain step by step the installation of the Placetopay plugin for Shopify. Each configuration parameter described in this guide will be performed in a test environment in order to illustrate its configuration in detail.

Please follow the steps described below:

  1. Enter the Shopify/PlacetoPay app store through the following URL

  2. Perform the installation

    • If you are already logged in, an install button will appear
    • If you are not yet logged in, log in to your Shopify administrator account, using the access credentials of the specific store you are going to integrate into.
    • The terms and conditions as well as detailed information of Evetec PlacetoPay will be displayed.
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway settings where you must configure the following data:

    Site identifier and secret key:

    These two data were sent by PlacetoPay, enter them as they were sent

    Country or account provider:

    Select the country or provider with which you use commercial communication. If the value you are looking for is not there, select the custom option and continue with the next step

    Custom connection url:

    Set the shared base URL in the Custom Connection Url field

    Session lifetime:

    This is the period of time given to the user to complete the payment process; A period of 10 to 15 minutes is suggested.

    Activate testing module:

    This module determines the environment to be used. If the module is active, the test environments will be used. If you want to make adjustments in the production environment, you must deactivate the module.

    Notification URL:

    The URL provided by the default plugin is used to update transactions asynchronously. It is important to share this URL with the payment gateway for proper configuration.


    Once the configuration process is complete, you need to click on the Connect button to complete the action.

  4. Once the payment method has been saved, you must activate it by clicking on the Activate PlacetoPay button

  1. Complete the configuration and configuration, the system will display an interface indicating that the component has been enabled and is ready to be used.

Order statuses

When your client begins the purchase flow of your product or service, an order is created that, depending on the case, can have these 5 states:

  • Pending payment: is waiting for the payment to be made and once the client makes the payment it will automatically go to Completed or Processing status depending on the case.
  • Completed: the payment has been made correctly.
  • Processing: in the process of reviewing the transaction for both single payment (cash and transfer) and payment with authorization.
  • Refunded: Make the refund and update the store stock with the returned products.
  • Failed: The transaction could not be completed either due to insufficient funds or incorrect data.
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